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2" (Dia.) Glass Panel Cabinet Door Bit Set

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Overall Diameter:2"Bearing Diameter:16mmCarbide Height:1-3/32"Large Radius:7/32"Small Radius:11/32"Shank Diameter:1/2"Overall Length:3-1/8"

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2" (Dia.) Glass Panel Cabinet Door Bit Set with 1/2" Shank


Extra strong rail and stile joints with a unique lock in the stile and rail joint, plus significantly more gluing surface. No other set on the market provides this feature.

Material: Wood

Ideal For: Glass panel doors with strong joints and removable plastic bead

Application: Creates top quality strong, tight-fitting glass panel door joints with ease and accuracy

  • Easy time saving set-up improves accuracy and increases profitability for the professional.
  • Cuts all composition materials, plywoods, hardwoods, and softwoods.
  • Use on table-mounted portable routers.

Additional Information

Short Description 2" (Dia.) Glass Panel Cabinet Door Bit Set with 1/2" Shank
AUX 2 No
AUX 3 No
Blade Category N/A
bsb_gauge N/A
bsb_length N/A
bsb_tooth N/A
bsb_tpi N/A
bsb_width N/A
CS Tooth N/A
Ch Angle N/A
CH Bore N/A
Ch Cut Depth N/A
Carbide Height N/A
Ch Large Radius N/A
Current RPM No
Ch Minor Height N/A
Number of Teeth N/A
Overall Dia. N/A
Type of Profile N/A
Rub Collar Num N/A
Ch Small Radius N/A
Ch Spurs N/A
Suggested RPM No
Ch Tenon Length N/A
Tenon Thickness N/A
Number of Wings N/A
CS Bore N/A
CS Blade Diameter N/A
CS Grind N/A
Grit No
Grit Description No
CS Hook N/A
CS Kerf N/A
CS_Pinholes N/A
CS Plate N/A
Thickness No
Cutter Type N/A
DB Diameter N/A
DB Length N/A
DB Rotation N/A
Shank N/A
Db Shank Length N/A
Family No
Hub Type No
jp Length N/A
JP Width N/A
K Number of Cutting Edges N/A
K Height N/A
K Length N/A
K Number of Pieces N/A
K Radius N/A
K Thickness N/A
K Type Category N/A
K Width N/A
Package Qty No
Part # No
R Angle N/A
Router Arbor Diameter N/A
Router Arbor Height N/A
Router Bearing Diameter 16mm
Router Bore Diameter N/A
Router Bearing Type N/A
Router Category Door & Window
Router Sub Category Glass Panel Door
Router Cut Depth N/A
Router Carbide Height 1-3/32"
Router Number of Cutters N/A
Router Large Radius 7/32"
Router Minor Height 2 N/A
Router Minor Height N/A
Router Overall Diameter 2"
Router Overhang Amount N/A
Router Overall Length 3-1/8"
Router Radius N/A
Router Small Diameter N/A
Router Shank Diameter 1/2"
R Shank Length N/A
Router Small Radius 11/32"
Router Small Radius 2 N/A
Router Stud Height N/A
RS Length No
Tooth Design N/A
Sanding Backing N/A
Sanding Description No
Sanding Grit N/A
Sanding Holepattern N/A
Sanding Material Description No
Sanding Size N/A
Tool Use Router
UPC 8925043065


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