LENOX Wood Cutting Band Saw Blades

LENOX wood cutting band saw blades are designed with durability, precision and value in mind. No matter the wood cutting application you require these bi-metal, carbide and carbon steel blades are perfect.

Hastings Saws builds custom LENOX band saw blades to your specification with guaranteed welds.

  1. LENOX Woodmaster® B

    Bi-metal Band Saw Blade

    Precision Engineered

    • Cuts faster and lasts longer than one-piece carbon blades
    • Two-piece steel construction provides excellent blade life Increased heat and wear resistance
    • Cobalt rich, high-speed steel tooth tips Increased beam strength for longer fatigue life
    • Durable spring steel backing material Delivers consistent, reliable performance
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  2. LENOX Flex Back


    • Aluminum
    • Carbon
    • Brass
    • Graphite
    • Bronze
    • Plastics
    • Copper
    • Wood
    • Fiberglass

    Carbon Steel Blade

    Excellent Fatigue Life

    • Designed to cut a wide variety of materials
    • Flexible carbon steel is very durable even at high band speeds—up to
      15,000 feet (4,500 meters) per minute

    Designed for Use on Vertical Contour Saws

    • Perfect for utility cutting of a wide variety of materials
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  3. LENOX Diemaster 2®


    • Aluminum/Non-Ferrous
    • Stainless Steels
    • Carbon Steels
    • Tool Steels
    • Structural Steels
    • Wood
    • Alloy Steels

    Bi-metal Band Saw Blade

    Engineered for contoured Cutting

    Faster Cutting With M-42 High Speed Steel Tooth Edge

    • Runs at twice the speed of carbon blades for faster, easier cutting

    Longer Blade Life

    • Lasts 10 times longer than carbon blades

    For General Purpose and Hand-fed Applications

    • Tool and die shops, machine shops, maintenance facilities
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  4. LENOX Tri-Master®


    • Aluminum/Non-Ferrous
    • Mold Steels
    • Carbon Steels
    • Tool Steels
    • Alloy Steels
    • Wood
    • Bearing Steels
    • Titanium Alloys
    • Stainless Steels
    • Nickel-Based Alloys (Inconel®)

    Versatile Carbide Tipped Band Saw Blade

    Precision Triple Chip Grind

    • Smooth cuts, excellent finish

    High Performance Backing Steel

    • Excellent fatigue life

    General Purpose Blade

    • Perfect for cutting of a wide variety of materials
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  5. LENOX Cast Master™


    • Aluminum/Non-Ferrous
    • Castings
    • Gates and Risers
    • Wood
    • Composites

    Carbide Band Saw Blade

    Superior Performance When Sawing Castings

    Exceptional Blade Life in Hand Fed Foundry Applications

    • Sub-micron grade carbide teeth designed for cutting aluminum and non-ferrous parts
    • Precision grind on the rake face prevents material build up on tooth edge

    Cuts Parts Freely with Limited Feed Pressure

    • Optimized rake angle and narrow kerf enable high speed cutting without pulling the part
    • Multi-chip tooth design reduces cutting forces and limits vibration

    High Alloy Backing Steel Increases Fatigue Life

    • Advanced backing steel preparation minimizes band breaks
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  6. LENOX PalletMaster® B


    • Pallet Dismantling

    Bi-Metal Band Saw Blade

    High-Performance Pallet Dismantling

    Bi-metal Construction Delivers Better Wear and Higher Heat Resistance

    • Significantly outperforms traditional carbon steel blades

    VARI-TOOTH® design Extends Blade Life and Reduces Vibration

    • Longer life against hardened nails and screws

    Fewer Blade Changes, Higher Productivity

    • Dismantle more pallets in less time to maximize efficiencies
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  7. LENOX PalletMaster® C


    • Pallet Dismantling

    Carbon Steel Band Saw Blade

    Low Cost, Pallet Dismantling Blade

    VARI-TOOTH® design improves blade life and reduces vibration

    • Cuts are straighter and require less force

    One-piece Steel Construction Cuts Through Nails

    • Excellent fatigue life and extreme durability

    Hardened Tooth Tips Survive Aggressive Applications

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  8. LENOX Chipsweep®

    Carbon Steel Band Saw Blade

    Proprietary Tooth Geometry

    Minimizes Dust on Sawn Boards

    • Unique tooth design reduces or eliminates secondary dedusting operations

    Cuts Straighter and Lasts Longer at Higher Feed Rates

    • Exceptional results in frozen wood

    Extremely Versatile

    • Used to cut cants, dry boards, soft and hard woods
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  9. LENOX Woodmaster® CT

    Carbide Tipped Band Saw Blade For Optimum Performance

    Smooth, Precise Finish

    • Precision ground carbide tooth tips deliver the straightest cuts

    Engineered for Extended Life and Optimal Speed

    • Effectively cuts exotic or difficult to machine wood

    Ideal for Specialty Wood Applications

    • Designed to cut moulding, hardwood flooring, wood siding, paneling and other millwork applications

    Extreme Cutting Rates. Longer Blade Life. Maximum Productiviy

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  10. LENOX Woodmaster® C

    Carbon Steel Band Saw Blade

    Reliable Performance

    Delivers Straight Cuts at High Band Speeds

    • Engineered for demanding saw mill and resaw applications

    Blades Last Longer and Wear Evenly

    • One piece carbon steel construction with induction hardened tooth tips

    Faster Cutting and Increased Productivity

    • Improved beam strength for high feed rates
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